Let's get moving :​​​​

Heather's tips on living 
a active lifestyle. 
Get healthy & fit 

Tip # 1 - Get plenty of sleep, If you don't you will feel really run down and draggy. 
Tip # 2 - Drink plenty of water , it's always best to stay hydrated. Drinking water helps with your whole body. 
Tip# 3- Don't eat too many carbs . Carbs turn into sugar and isn't good for us. 
Tip # 4- The more you eat veggies the better you feel without a doubt. I never thought I would ever cook with this many veggies but I love what it has done for my body which has been healthy eating all the way. 
He​ather's Tips 
Tip # 5 - The more you consume healthy food like veggies and not so much starchy foods and sugar you will start to feel better. When I stopped eating wrong and started eating healthy the outcome was great I had more energy was looking better & feeling better about myself. 
Tip # 6 - Be happy with yourself get healthy and see the outcome . It will surprise you it surprised me when I started losing weight . 
Tip # 7- Stay focused !!!