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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much-
Helen Keller quote
When we eat right we are inspired, when we exercise we get motivated, put the two together and you see results!

Making a stride : Never give up
Your body is the most important thing - you only have one body so take care of it . I was once doing workouts from a video and the lady said on the video to treat your body like your home . Meaning stay healthy and maintain a great way to stay active. Well that has been years ago but that has always stuck in my mind to treat our bodies like your home. I haven’t alwayS treated my body in good condition but I have learned over the years to be kind and keeping my body in check. We all get busy with our lives but remember to never give up!!!
When there is a goal to losing weight or just wanting to get stronger there is always a way to gain the results . Eat right- workout-drink plenty of water- seeing results is the best way to keeping off the weight . Like when someone asks have you lost weight that makes you feel confident and willing to continue with the ability to have the willpower to stay on track. I love the plan I am on - WW online- been there since July have started working out everyday and I saw the results within weeks of eating right and just working out. I love my Fitbit I love to see how far I go in that day along with the steps I take . Yes it’s hard to lose weight but you have to have a plan first , word of advice never give up always stay on track no matter how good the food looks. I eat healthy and never really get off my diet when I started this journey I changed my lifestyle of eating right and getting healthy for myself !! 
Let’s get moving you can do it!!!!.