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Heather's tips on living 
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My story of my new journey 
My name is Heather, I am 5'0 foot tall , 31 years old . 
Dieting was something I hated because I had done it most of my life but I said this time was different from the start .WW has made it easy to lose weight . Everything has come natural but staying active helps too. 
I am thankful for everything that has happened in my life . I am blessed with a good family , a great job I work at by helping others and my husband. We recently got married and this is how my new journey started . After 8 months of marriage I looked at myself and said I have to do something with my weight .  July 5th, 2017 I started WW online I had done it before but there was something different this time . I started and thought to myself I am going to miss all the foods I have been eating which were not real good in the first place . Little did I know how easy it was to track food with WW again, it has  come natural to me now . In the first three weeks I lost 14 pounds which was amazing . Still have some weight to lose but started on the right track . 
I started cooking with lots of vegetables not realizing that I didn't miss the bread , pasta , potatoes, ect. I started eating more veggies and finding recipes with vegetables, eating  dairy products more than meat . If I have any type of meat it's just 3oz's . I really watch what I eat and how my points work . I always come out with more points left over . 
Before I started with this blog I posted everything on my  Facebook page and have gotten a lot of positive feedback .